51, Vorovskogo Str., office 11,Ukraine, Kyiv, 01054
tel./fax: +38 (044) 482-07-42, 482-07-43

About the Exchange

The Universal Commodity Exchange (UCEX) was founded in July, 2002. During all years of its existence it has proved itself to be a financially-active and professional entity that follows the law in all the aspects of exchange relations.

The UCEX has built a network of brokerage offices located in all regions of Ukraine, fast clearing and all-inclusive service, which creates additional comfort for our clients.

Basic activities

Auctions and trading:

  • Commodities and resources: energy sources, nonferrous and precious metals, timber, agricultural and primary products, provisions, consumer goods, materials
  • State, municipal and private property: integral property complexes, real estate, movables, non-core assets, equipment, land, tenant rights, uncompleted civil and industrial construction sites
  • Bankrupt-companies property
  • Taxpayers property in tax pawn
  • Mortgaged and pledged assets
  • Vehicles
  • Ownerless assets

Additional services:

  • Consultations about Exchange Rules, Rules of Auctions Conduction, and commodity market data services
  • Independent appraisal of tangible assets, intangible assets, business, integral property complexes, securities, property rights, etc.


  • The Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • The Ukrainian Exchanges Union
  • The Land Union of Ukraine
  • The Ukrainian Realtors Association

Licensing and regulatory documents

  • Agreement with the State Property Fund of Ukraine On the Organization of State Property Sale
  • Certificate given by the State Tax Administration On the Right to Organize Trading and Auctions for Taxpayers’ Assets in Pawn Sale
  • Certificate of Appraiser given by the SPFU


  • Trading floor equipped with the hardware and software system for the visualization of trading on the screen
  • Platform for the introduction of electronic trading and electronic databases
  • State-wide newspaper “The Exchange Courier”